Sönmez Çimento Continues to its Investments.

Sönmez Holding, Kutlucan Group and Türkün Holding including also the founder and partners of  SANÇİM Çimento, which continues its sales activities in Marmara, Central Anatolia and Aegean regions swiftly, have decided to make a huge investment to cement sector determined by them to be the growth field in 2012. In line with that decision, the integrated cement factory started production under “Sönmez Çimento” brand in October in Adana Yumurtalık TAYSEB Free Zone.

The factory which was started to be constructed in 2012 has also the feature of being an environment-friendly factory not only by being designed in accordance with the current Environmental Legislation through the state of the art technology dedusting systems but also using alternative fuel and renewable power resources. Being quite near to raw material resources with its area of 413 decares and 220 employees, Sönmez Çimento is the first cement factory of Turkey which was permitted to be built in Free Zones. Besides, the factory being only 4.5 km far from the port offers the best service to its customers by availing that advantage. Sönmez Çimento will further fortify its competitive advantage with the port project estimated to be completed in early 2016.

Target markets of Sönmez Çimento consist of all world’s market especially that of North Africa, West Africa and South America. Having a Portland cement product range containing different types, Sönmez Çimento becomes distinct among its competitors by producing low-alkaline cement for South America market, and low-chromium cement and sulphate-resistant cement for North Africa market.

Since October 2014, Sönmez Çimento exported clinker and cement to various countries including Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, Ghana, Libya, Congo, Cameroon, Colombia, Mauritania and Togo. Moreover, it continues to sell cement through road transportation to Syria owing to its close distance.

Sönmez Çimento will realize a production of 1.7 million ton clinker and 2 million tons cement annually, and it will make a positive contribution to our country’s export targets for 2023 by exporting 85% of its sales. Sönmez Çimento will play a significant role in Turkey’s cement export in 2015 as being a stable brand within its area.