Our Mission

To be reputable a global company which is acknowledged for its entrepreneurship and prestige in its sectors, shows respect to human and humanitarian values, and owns the strength and commitment required to put its production and brands to the top on national and international platforms.

Our Vision

To be a group which provides a competitive superiority by focusing on customer satisfaction, is capable of competing in its focus sectors, does not compromise with its quality in its products and services, has a continuous and profitable growth with its activities and financial performance, and makes contribution to society and environment with its conscience.


Sonmez Holding currently carries on its activities in several fields which particularly include tourism, energy, cement, construction, media, automotive, logistics and mall administration.

Our Founder Ali Osman Sönmez

From Bulgaria to Inegol… President of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 25 years… Consecutive tax champion… First polyester thread factory… Employment for thousands of people… A life dedicated to education…

Having entered into the industry with the Filament plants in 1972, Sonmez was the founder of Sonmez Industry Holding which incorporated a total of 27 companies where thousands of people are employed, and experienced industrialist and a member of the parliament by 1997. Upon the achievement of such breakthroughs, Sonmez has been called several names through his business life such as “emperor of Bursa”, “the sir of Bursa” and “champion chairman”…