Sönmez Construction

“The best projects of Bursa”

Sönmez Construction Inc. was established in 18 April 1972 with the aim of building houses, business buildings, passages, schools, showrooms, shopping centers and similar buildings with durability and quality in all aspects to gain the trust of its buyers.
Sönmez Construction has introduced the buildings and plants given below so far to Bursa since 1972: Multistorey business building including Yeni Karamürsel store, Sonmez Business Palace which includes 172 workplaces and 103 offices, several industrial plants and houses, Ali Osman Sönmez Technical Training Site (23.000 m2 indoors area), Ali Osman Sönmez Oncology (14.000 m2 indoors area ), 2 x student dormitories with a capacity of 200 students each located in Ali Osman Sönmez Technical Training Site, Karabalçık Celal Sönmez Elementary School, İnegöl Cemil Sönmez Elementary School, Demirtaş Ali Osman Sönmez Elementary School, Demirtaş Gevher Sönmez Elementary School, Uludağ University Ali Osman Sönmez Campus, the student dormitory with a capacity of 200 students at Uludağ University Ali Osman Sönmez Campus, Kurşunlu Healthcare Center (1997-1998), Ali Osman Sönmez Science High School, Sönmez-Koç Oto Ford Showroom (4.500 m2 indoors area/1997-1999), Migros Market (10.000 m2 indoors area), Building Store (5.000 m2 indoors area/1997-1998), İGS Metropol (2.000 m2 indoors area), Restaurant (500 m2 indoors area), Media Center (3.600 m2 indoors area), a sports complex including tennis courts and astroturf (3.500 m2 area), As Merkez Shopping Center (43.000 m2 indoors area).
AS Merkez, which was launched after its completion between 1998-2001, draws attention with the values it has introduced as well as its being the largest and most favorite shopping center of Bursa.

Sönmez Construction Inc.
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