Training and Improvement
We aim for making our organizational development permanent through programs for learning and improving with the aim of leading the field and distinguishing ourselves as well as supporting our employees in the best manner.
We identify the needs in line with our group strategies and plan trainings to improve Basic Competence, Management Competence and Technical Competence.
Our goals are,
To have our employees at all levels adopt the Corporate Identity
To ensure competency under a common vision
To generate supporting solutions for the professional development as well as self-improvement and leadership development of our employees
To monitor the reflection of these outcomes on business results.

Career Management

Sonmez Holding aims for identifying competent employees who have the potential for Career Management in connection with the data from performance system, and preparing these employees as potential candidates to higher positions through support given to their professional knowledge, skills and personal development. Employees within the group are given priority while considering new candidates for vacant positions due to sectorial variety or new created positions. The backup plans are followed for critical and key positions.

Price Management

An efficient pricing system which aims for keeping the motivation levels of employees high, is based on their responsibilities, competencies, education levels and work experiences, and keeps justice and competition with the market prominent is implemented in Sonmez Holding.

Due to the system based on Hay Pricing methodology and job analysis, in addition to the organizational roles, the areas of responsibility and requirements of each position have been defined.

The price policies on the basis of group companies are determined considering internal balance, price researches, individual performance and economic data.