Sonmez Electricity Generation Ind. and Tra. Inc.

Providing our clients with economic energy (hot water, steam, electricity energy) by continuing as a growing power in Usak Combined Organized Industrial Zone and expanding our portfolio. Taking firm steps in our investments by monitoring potential favorable and unfavorable future developments.
Having started the wholesale sales of electricity energy on 1 September 2003 upon receiving the “Wholesale Sales License” from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority on 28 August 2003, Sonmez Energy is the first company to initiate this activity in Turkey.

Sonmez Energy has the widest portfolio of producer and consumer thanks to the prestige and reliability it has ensured in the sector so far since the first day of its activity. Furthermore, it makes contributions to the industrialists of the country, hence the development of country industry by providing the firms with economic energy supply.
Sonmez Energy, which has 25 producers and 28 consumers in its portfolio as of the end of 2004, has been continuously improving to take firm steps in the energy market. As well as providing its clients in its portfolio with economic energy, its sister company Sonmez Electricity Generation Inc. was established in April 2004 with the aim for providing quality energy. which resulted in accelerating the production section of its growth in the energy sector.

With the motive of taking its place in the “Generation” sector as well with the power plant, the construction of which has been initiated in Usak province, it rapidly continues its activities to be a strong and reliable brand in the energy sector.
Current Capacity of our plant is 34.5 MW/h. Within 1-2 months, we will increase the capacity to 70.2 MW/h. Our annual production was 179,000,000 kW/h for 2009. Our goal is to double this capacity to 358000 kW/h in 2010. Furthermore, sales of 22000 t steam and 150000 t hot water were realized in 2009. Therefore, the majority of energy need of USAK Combined Organized Industrial Zone was fulfilled.
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