It is my pleasure to serve to Bursa

Dear youngsters,
I bid my sincere thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to address you in the first issue of your monthly periodical.
As an industrialist, I started establishing industrial plants in Bursa in early 1970s. I have so far established 6 factories.
The number of my companies, which particularly focus on textile sector in addition to other areas of trade, service, transportation, communications and food, has reached up to 28.
The number of qualified staff members and workers employed at these companies is over 15 thousand.
My greatest ideal has become to convert what I have earned in Bursa into investments and service in Bursa.
From this point of view, I made considerable contributions in National Education and Healthcare as well as industry.
I made:
5 Primary schools,
1 Secondary school,
1 Science high school,
1 technical education site consisting of 4 technical schools in Bursa.
Thousands of young people have graduated from these schools within the last 15 years. Again, thousands of young people have currently been receiving education at these schools.
I have also learned that nearly 2000 students receive education in the campus that I granted to Uludag University.
It is a very rare happiness to be able to provide 15 thousand workers, in other workds, 30 thousand people inclusive of families with employment and food, and offer 10 thousands of young people with the opportunity of education.
This situation fills me with emotions and gratifies me.
Within such emotions, I wish endless success for all and each one of you and I kiss your eyes.”
Ali Osman SONMEZ