Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital was referred by ten thousands of cancer patients so far. The hospital made its mark beyond Bursa and Southern Marmara.In 1990s, Bursa had fallen quite behind in the combat against cancer which is called as the plaque of our century. The majority of patients, who were diagnosed with cancer by State Hospitals and Social Insurance Institution Bursa Hospital was referred to the Medical Institutions in Ankara and Istanbul. Cancer, which requires a team work in respect to diagnosis and treatment, is treatable in early diagnosis, although Bursa residents could not benefit from such an opportunity. The treatment process of several patients was interrupted and the survival rate was poor due to the fact that the health institutions which diagnosed the disease and made the concerning surgery were in different cities than which applied chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

Independent oncology hospital

Benevolent businessman Ali Osman Sonmez, who was aware of the fact that two major problems of Turkey were education and healthcare, was planning to introduce a healthcare complex to the service of Bursa residents.
Benevolent businessman Ali Osman Sonmez took action to build an additional hospital next to the State Hospital.
Allocation of the area and general bureaucratic procedures were completed, and the groundbreaking ceremony of the hospital was held with the participation of late Turgut Ozal on 15 September 1990. The hospital was initially planned as a unit affiliated to the State Hospital.
Upon the recommendation of Ali Osman Sonmez in 1994 for the hospital to become an independent oncology hospital, “Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital” was established.

Commissioned in 1995

Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital, which had a contemporary architecture design and in which the best diagnosis and treatment of patients would be performed, took 5 years to be completed. The hospital, which was built in conformity to the standards specified by Atom Energy Institution, had a cost of 250 billion TL based on the value of the currency back then.
After the internal equipping was brought into completion, staffing was allocated to Ali Osman Sonmez Hospital upon the approval of Ministry of Finance and physicians, nurses, laboratory assistants, radiotherapists and other healthcare staff were assigned by Ministry of Health.
By 27 June 1995, Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital was ready for service of diagnosis and treatment.
Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital was commissioned with a ceremony on 27 June 1995 to service with 6 floors, a capacity of 200 beds and 6 operating rooms. Then-Prime Minister Tansu Ciller and then-Minister of Health Dogan Baran attended to the ceremony during which the hospital was opened by Ciller.
The opening speech given by Ali Osman Sonmez, who received several congratulations
due to his exemplary behavior, was full of enthusiasm of service and belief.

Widespread fame in Turkey

The hospital made by Ali Osman Sonmez, the benevolent businessman that has passed away yesterday, is one of the greatest two oncology hospitals of Turkey and its fame has been spread in Anatolia and beyond Bursa as well as neighboring provinces. Patients from various regions of Turkey are among the patients to refer to the hospital. The bed occupancy rate at Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital which has a bed capacity of 158 is 100%. 6 operating rooms are continuously active at the hospital to which approximately 10 thousand patients refer for examination. Burn unit has been commissioned while the establishment activities for intensive care unit are ongoing.

Contemporary diagnosis and treatment

State of the art devices are available for diagnosis and treatment particularly for mammography, ultrasonography, radiotherapy and radiography. Ali Osman Sonmez Hospital, which has a contemporary hospital architecture with a soothing effect on the patients, has sufficient number of healthcare professionals required to render service to the patients.
Furthermore, chemotherapy is applied to about 45-50 patients everyday at the hospital with elusively competent specialists in surgical oncology and medical oncology.

Huseyin Husnu Serdar Provincial Director of Health:

Ali Osman SONMEZ is a great loss for Bursa. His works are the heritage to our nation. Ali Osman Sonmez Oncology Hospital that he granted to Bursa does not only address Bursa but also Southern Marmara. The equipment and physical facilities of the hospital are arranged in a perfect soothing effect. Together with its service facilities, it serves to a population of 8 to 10 million people. Late Ali Osman Sonmez used to tend to the development and deficits of the hospital at all times. He never disconnected himself from the hospital and continued to give support. My condolences to his family, Sonmez Holding and Media S…”

Aynur Boz (Patient):

“This is very upsetting. It is a great loss for not only Bursa but also the entire Turkey. May god rest his soul… We receive very good treatment thanks to this very technologic hospital he built. I will name my grandchild Ali Osman. Because it is difficult to meet someone who has such a character. My condolences to his family…”

Sezgin Kara (Patient):

“His demise has saddened me deeply. He had delivered great services. He received good prayers from many people thanks to this hospital. Maybe the private hospitals cannot compete with the attention and treatment method here. May god bless him. My condolences to his family…”

Ali Osman SONMEZ Oncology Hospital Physician-in Chief Osman Cem Toros:

“I am deeply grieved with the demise of Esteemed Ali Osman SONMEZ, who has made valuable contributions to our country. I feel utter respect for him in regard to the Oncology Hospital, which he introduced to our country. My condolences to his family and the Turkish nation.