The public heritage of industrialist and businessman Ali Osman Sonmez is told by Ali Osman Sonmez Foundation Chairman Mustafa Karaer:

Education services:

Sonmez Holding CEO Ali Osman SONMEZ started the investments in education by establishing a 3-classroom primary school in Inegol for the first time in 1972, and named this school after his son he had lost at such an early age: Cemil Sonmez. In 1985, within the same place, he built 2nd Cemil Sonmez school with 8 classrooms. He then continued his investments on education within the borders of Demirtas. He built a secondary school, an elementary school and a science high school.

The Science High School was commissioned on 26 January 1990. Thousands of young people have graduated from Science High School for 11 years, all of whom were able to achieve admission to university. The most excellent and extensive investment to education and training is the Technical Training Site. Technical Training Site, which constitutes of Anatolian Technical School, Technical High School and Industrial Vocational High School has 42 classrooms, 22 workshops, 12 laboratories, a 300-seated conference hall, a large sports hall and cafeteria units within an indoors area of 23 thousand square meters.
There are currently 2600 students who receive education at these schools.
Technical Schools Site, the foundations of which were laid on 5 January 1988, was commissioned on 22 October 1993.
Furthermore, he built one elementary schools in each of Karabalcik Village and Demirtas Town.
Esteemed Ali Osman Sonmez decided to complete the services he had given to elementary and secondary education with a higher education institution, and laid the foundations of Ali Osman Sonmez University, which currently include faculties of science-literature, business management and engineering, on 13 December 1995.
The groundbreaking ceremony of 2 dormitory buildings which accommodate a total of 400 students from outside of Bursa consisting of 200 female and 200 male students of these faculties was held by then-prime minister and these buildings have currently been in use.
All of the investments described above were financed by Ali Osman Sonmez and granted to the government.

Healthcare services
Esteemed Ali Osman SONMEZ;
has started to focus his efforts on healthcare services since 1990 as well as education services.
He purchased medical devices for several departments in Uludag University Faculty of Medicine, and made a contribution in the repair works of certain departments as well. He built the entire Eye Diseases service himself.
The most important investment in healthcare is the Oncology Hospital.
The groundbreaking ceremony of Oncology Hospital, which provides service to all of the cities within Marmara Region, was held by late President of Republic Turgut Ozal on 15 September 1990. The hospital, which was constructed in 6 floors excluding the basement, is fully equipped and has a capacity of 200 beds. It is one of the most excellent hospitals in the field.
All of the furnishing and the majority of medical devices of the hospital, which was constructed by us, was provided by Ali Osman Sonmez.
The hospital was completed and commissioned within 3 years.

Ali Osman Sonmez Foundation

I would like to talk to you about our foundation which coordinates and manages all of these services.
Ali Osman Sonmez Foundation was established on 20.11.1983 in order to bring discipline and orientation to the scattered and uncontrolled investments until 1983, and National Education was brought to the focus point of the charity works.
Starting from 1984-1985 academic year, scholarship and book fee were granted to hard working university students who were deprived of education facilities.
A total of 8 billion 307 million 490 thousand liras of scholarship and book fees were given to 850 students from 1985 to 2001.
The public welfare foundation title, which was sought for years, was granted only in 1997. Finally, after the 6 months of research and investigation upon our application to Ministry of Finance in 1996, the decision was given at the Council of Ministers on 17.02.1997 and the title was made official.
The donations made to the foundation and the expenditures of the foundation are to be exempt from tax from then on.