Sonmez Food Tourism and Trade Inc.

  • As Merkez Outlet – Largest and most entertaining mall of Bursa.
  • 46,000 m2 indoors area, car park for 2200 vehicles
  • The largest recreational center of the city with its stores, supermarkets and restaurants.

Sonmez Food Tourism and Trade Inc. which introduces a new perspective to life by gathering the stores and recreational areas under a single roof made its first and only investment in this field in 1977 and made a first for the city.
Sonmez Gida, which offered the largest recreational center of the city with several stores and restaurants to the service of Bursa Citizens, changed the recreational areas which are now traditionally established at fuel stations to a great extent.
The center which consisted of supermarket, fast-food halls, game areas and fuel station at the entrance of Istanbul Road in Bursa, also made significant contributions to the modernization of the city and improvement of retail sector.
Changing preferences and expectations of people within the last 15 years were observed, and the need for offering the services in an integrated manner emerged. The complex was expanded on an area of 55000 m2 with a new investment in 1992, and it was renamed as Sonmez Plaza.
Stores such as Tekzen Construction Store and Mc Donald’s as well as Fan Club Sports Stores were opened one after another, and they were furnished to fulfill the meets of Bursa citizens at any age. Starpark, which received particular attention of children, has become the essential weekend destination in no time.
The colossal complex has become the haunt for not only Bursa citizens but also the guests from neighboring cities and guests who arrive at Bursa, which is an industrial city, for business purposes. Sonmez Plaza renovated itself so as to introduce more contemporary places to Bursa, which is a metropolitan city with its rapidly increasing population and fast development.
Plaza area was expanded with additional investments in 2000, and the number and variety of the stores, restaurants and activity centers embodied were increased. Therefore, Bursa met its new life center AS Merkez. Iskender Efendi, AS Culture Center has been established as of this date, in addition to which new firms participated in the center due to the attention paid to the Plaza area by Bursa residents.
AS Merkez Mall has been converted into AS Merkez Outlet as of November 2009.

Sonmez Food Tourism and Trade Inc.
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